Title: "I need a vacation."
Exhibition: Take It And Leave It | 20.11.-26.11.2022 | Magma Maria
Techniques: type design, milling of acrylic glass & wood, book design, UV-print on acrylic glass, sand
Poster design: Sarah Stendel

"I need a vacation."  makes a humorous commentary on the lifestyle of self-dramatization within one's own vacation and marks the zeitgeist of the ubiquitous selfie culture of today. Here, the vacation backdrop transforms into the backdrop of the self and serves as its extension. The exhibited works feature either organic materials or artificial mirroring materials. In ideal cases, mirrored surfaces should encourage visitors to take mirror selfies, so that they in turn use the exhibition as their backdrop.

Pictures by Laura Brichta, Jakob Dieckmann


If you're interested in buying some of the acrylic glass artworks, don't hesitate to get in touch via mail.

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